EMF Health-effects Research

Thermal effects of mobile phones on facial nerves and surrounding soft tissue.

Acar GO, Yener HM, Savrun FK, Kalkan T, Bayrak I, Enver O

Laryngoscope. Jan 21 2009

[Epub ahead of print]

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the possible thermal effects of microwaves from mobile phones on facial nerves (FN) and surrounding soft tissue.

STUDY DESIGN:: A prospective study.

METHODS: We studied FN conduction rate and compound muscle action potentials (CMAP) on 12 rabbits before exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted from a mobile phone. Also, the temperature change in the soft tissues around the FN was investigated by a four channel Luxtron fiber optic system. A mobile phone with 1900 MHz frequency was placed over the ipsilateral ear of the rabbit for 25 minutes, and FN and surrounding tissues were exposed to a 1.5 watts pulse modulated (217 packets/s) electromagnetic field.

During exposure to RFR, immediately after turning off the mobile phone, and 25 minutes after the exposure temperature change in the surrounding tissue of the FN was recorded and compared to preexposure values. Additionally, another recording regarding the FN functions was done and the data were compared to preexposure values.

RESULTS: The average temperature of the surrounding soft tissues was 0.39 K higher than the preexposure values during the exposure and immediately after turning off the mobile phone, and decreased to normal levels 25 minutes after the exposure, which was statistically significant. The amplitudes of FN CMAP after radiofrequency radiation exposure were significantly smaller than the preexposure amplitudes and the amplitudes were normal in the 25 minute measurement.

CONCLUSION: The RFR emitted from a mobile phone can cause temporary FN dysfunction that can be due to temporary temperature increase in the soft tissue around the FN.

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