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A polymerase chain reaction assay for simultaneous detection and quantitation of proto-oncogene and GAPD mRNAs.

Albee LD, Goswami PC

Cell Proliferation 30:271-282 1998


Using C3H10T1/2 mouse embryo cells exposed to cellular phone EMR.

Contractors: Radiation Oncology Center, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri.

This study used an RT-PCR assay to explore the possible effects of analog (835.62 MHz FMCW) or digital (847.74 MHz CDMA) cellular telephone signals on proto-oncogene expression. It examined possible effects on the transit of quiescent cells into the proliferation cycle, and the transit of log phase cells into the plateau growth phase.

There was no effect of RF exposure on the expression of c-jun or c-myc proto-oncogenes.

While very small increases of c-fos expression were observed during one specific phase of the cell cycle, the researchers concluded that due to the small magnitude of the observed increase it was not likely to be biologically relevant.

Additional Web Notes

The same researchers also found the same c-fos expression (a cancer indicator) in other research at statistically significant levels the previous year -- yet here, the same effect is said "not likely to be biologically relevant" and dismissed.

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