EMF Health-effects Research

Brain Tumors and Salivary Gland Cancers Among Cellular Telephone Users

Auvinen A, Hietanen M, Luukkonen R, Koskela R-S

Epidemiology 13:356-359, 2002

Background. Possible risk of cancer associated with use of cellular telephones has lately been a subject of public debate.

Methods. We conducted a register-based, case-control study on cellular phone use and cancer. The study subjects were all cases of brain tumor (N = 398) and salivary gland cancer (N = 34) diagnosed in Finland in 1996, with five controls per case.

Results. Cellular phone use was not associated with brain tumors or salivary gland cancers overall, but there was a weak association between gliomas and analog cellular phones.

Conclusions. A register-based approach has limited value in risk assessment of cellular phone use owing to lack of information on exposure.

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