EMF Health-effects Research

Adrenergic nerve plexuses of heart and adrenal and myocardial catecholamines of spontaneously hypertensive rats under the influence of EMR in the millimeter range

Belousova TE, Kargina-Terent'eva RA,

Morfologiia 115(1):16-18, 1999

[Article in Russian]

Condition of adrenergic cardiac and adrenal nervous plexuses of Kyoto-Wistar Rats (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) was examined by quantitative neurohistochemical methods before and after extremely high frequency field (EHF field) influence of "Bayur" microwave therapy apparatus in mode 1 (42,194 MHz frequency, 7.1 mm wavelength) and in mode 3 (53,534 MHz frequency, 5.6 mm wavelength).

Reduction of myocardial nervous plexus density and catecholamine luminescence intensity were detected in SHR, as well as decrease of adrenal glands relative weight and catecholamine luminescence intensity in adrenal medulla of SHR, that is indicative of suppression of sympatho-adrenal system of hypertensive animals by EHF field influence in medical operating modes.

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