EMF Health-effects Research

Disturbances of glucose tolerance in workers exposed to electromagnetic radiation

Bielski J, Sikorski M,

Med Pr 47(3):227-231, 1996

[Article in Polish]

The study group was composed of 50 workers exposed to electromagnetic radiation (radiowaves). Out of them 31 persons (62%), employed mostly in the risk zone, showed irregular glycaemia after oral administration of 75 g of glucose.

At normal blood sugar before breakfast, the glycaemia level was high following administration of glucose and it did not return to starting values after 2 hours. After 30 min from glucose administration the level accounted for 155 mg%, after 60 min-180 mg%, after 90 min-153 mg% and after 120 min-124 mg%, on average.

In 10 persons (32%) with glucose tolerance disturbances, disorders in bioelectric activity of the brain (abnormal EEG record) were observed.

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