EMF Health-effects Research

Influence of a RF EMF on Cardiovascular and Hormonal Parameters of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Braune, S., Riedel, A., Schulte-Monting, J. and Raczek, J.

Radiat. Res. 158, 352-356 2002

Influence of a Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field on Cardiovascular and Hormonal Parameters of the Autonomic Nervous System in Healthy Individuals.

The potential health risks of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by mobile phones are of considerable public interest. The present study investigated the hypothesis, based on the results of our previous study, that exposure to EMFs can increase sympathetic vasoconstrictor activity.

Forty healthy young males and females underwent a single-blind, placebo-controlled protocol once on each of two different days. Each investigation included successive periods of placebo and EMF exposure, given in a randomized order.

The exposure was implemented by a GSM-like signal (900 MHz, pulsed with 217 Hz, 2 W) using a mobile phone mounted on the right-hand side of the head in a typical telephoning position. Each period of placebo exposure and of EMF exposure consisted of 20 min of supine rest, 10 min of 70 degrees upright tilt on a tilt table, and another 20 min of supine rest.

Blood pressure, heart rate and cutaneous capillary perfusion were measured continuously. In addition, serum levels of norepinephrine, epinephrine, cortisol and endothelin were analyzed in venous blood samples taken every 10 min.

Similar to the previous study, systolic and diastolic blood pressure each showed slow, continuous, statistically significant increases of about 5 mmHg during the course of the protocol. All other parameters either decreased in parallel or remained constant. However, analysis of variance showed that the changes in blood pressure and in all other parameters were independent of the EMF exposure. These findings do not support the assumption of a nonthermal influence of EMFs emitted by mobile phones on the cardiovascular autonomic nervous system in healthy humans.

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