EMF Health-effects Research

837 MHz digital cellular telephone RF fields and induced ODC activity in C3H10T1/2 cells.

Cain CD, Thomas DL, Ghaffari M, Adey WR,

Presented at BEMS in Victoria, BC 1996


Contractors: Pettis Memorial VA Medical Centre, Loma Linda, CA;

This study explored whether extremely low frequency (ELF)-modulated RF (TDMA) fields could influence induced activity of the ODC enzyme in cells. [Note: ODC is of interest to scientist for the role it plays in regulating cell growth. See ODC explanation]

The researchers initially found evidence of inhibited ODC activity at three and four hours after exposure at 8.4 mW/cm2 (comparable to SAR=7.8 mW/kg), but no such effect at other times of exposures.

Further investigation yielded opposite results that indicate the earlier-observed changes were due to normal variability within the assay.

Additional Web Notes

Readers should, in general, be wary of Motorola- or Nokia-funded research, but some has clearly been done by top biomedical researchers, as is the case above. However the abstracts from these studies are often written by Motorola's PR department, and the contracts sometimes place limitations on reporting.

Some company-funded studies are difficult to judge in terms of credibility, and some are clearly dubious.

See also Dr Adey's overview

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