EMF Health-effects Research

Effect of isothermal radiofrequency radiation on cytolytic T lymphocytes.

Cleary SF, Du Z, Cao G, Liu LM, McCrady C,

FASEB J 10(8):913-919. 1996

Previous in vitro studies provide evidence that RF electromagnetic radiation modulates proliferation of human glioma, lymphocytes, and other cell types.

The mechanism of RF radiation cell proliferation modulation, as well as mechanisms for effects on other cell physiologic endpoints, are not well understood. To obtain insight regarding interaction mechanisms, we investigated effects of RF radiation exposure on interleukin 2 (IL-2) -dependent proliferation of cytolytic T lymphocytes (CTLL-2). After exposure to RF radiation in the presence or absence of IL-2 cells were cultured at various physiological concentrations of IL-2. Treatment effects on CTLL-2 proliferation were determined by tritiated thymidine incorporation immediately or 24 h after exposure.

Exposure to 2450 MHz RIF radiation at specific absorption rates (SARs) of greater than 25 W/kg (induced E-field strength 98.4 V/m) induced a consistent, statistically significant reduction in CTLL-2 proliferation, especially at low IL-2 concentrations. At lower SARs, 2450 MHz exposure increased CTLL-2 proliferation immediately after exposure but reduced 24 h postexposure proliferation. RF radiation effects depended on the mitotic state of the cells at the time of exposure. Comparison of the effects of temperature elevation and RF radiation indicated significant qualitative and quantitative differences.

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