EMF Health-effects Research

Psychomotor performance is not influenced by brief repeated exposures to mobile phones.

Curcio G, Valentini E, Moroni F, Ferrara M, De Gennaro L, Bertini M

Bioelectromagnetics. Dec 28 2007

[Epub ahead of print].

The present study investigated the presence of a cumulative effect of brief and repeated exposures to a GSM mobile phone (902.40 MHz, 217 Hz modulated; peak power of 2 W; average power of 0.25 W; SAR = 0.5 W/kg) on psychomotor functions.

To this end, after each of 3 15-min exposures, both an acoustic simple reaction time task (SRTT) and a sequential finger tapping task (SFTT) were administered to 24 subjects.

The present study was unable to detect the cumulative effects of brief and repeated EMF exposure on human psychomotor performance, although there was a non-statistical trend to shorter reaction times.

In summary, these data show an absence of effects with these particular exposure conditions; however, possible cognitive effects induced by different signal characteristics cannot be excluded.

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