EMF Health-effects Research

The effects of radiocellular telephones on the circadian patterns of melatonin secretion, a chronobiological rhythm marker

de Seze R, Ayoub J, Peray P, Miro L, Touitou Y,

J Pineal Res 27(4):237-242, 1999

A decrease in melatonin secretion has been observed in small mammals under exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields. As there is some concern about possible health effects of the increasing use of radiocellular telephones emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, we examined whether such fields would alter melatonin levels in the human.

Volunteers were two groups totalling 38 men, 20-32 yr old. Exposures were to commercially available cellular telephones of the GSM 900 type (Global System for Mobile communication at 900 MHz) or DCS 1800 type (Digital Communication System at 1800 MHz), for 2 hr/day, 5 days/wk, for 4 wk, at their maximum power.

Attention of the volunteers was sustained by TV projection of movies. Blood samples were collected hourly during the night and every 3 hr in the daytime. Four sampling sessions were performed at 15-day intervals: before the beginning of the exposure period, at the middle and the end of the exposure period, and 15 days later to evaluate the persistence or late appearance of potential effects. Evaluated parameters were the maximum serum concentration, the time of this maximum, and the area under the curve of the hormone profile.

Melatonin circadian profile was not disrupted in 37 young male volunteers submitted to a typical pattern of exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated by two common types of cell phones.

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