EMF Health-effects Research

SAR in the mother and foetus for RF plane wave irradiation,

Dimbylow P,

Phys Med Biol, 52(13):3791-3802, 2007

This paper describes the finite-difference time-domain calculation of SAR from 20 MHz to 3 GHz in hybrid voxel-mathematical models of the pregnant female. Mathematical models of the developing foetus at 8-, 13-, 26- and 38-week gestation were converted into voxels and combined with the reference adult female model, NAOMI at a resolution of 2 mm.

Whole-body averaged SAR in the mother is presented as well as the average over the foetus, over the foetal brain and in 10 g of the foetus. The electric field values required to produce the ICNIRP public exposure restriction of 2 W kg(-1) when averaged over 10 g of the foetus were calculated. Comparison suggests that the ICNIRP public reference level is a conservative predictor of local SAR in the foetus.

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