EMF Health-effects Research

Growth behaviour of human leukemia HL-60 cells influenced by high-frequency EMFs.

Fitzner R, Langer E, Zemann E,

Presented at BEMS in Florida, 1998. And also at the Second World Congress of E & M in Bologna Italy 1997. Published in Newsletter edition Wissenschaft Nr 1/E 1995

Motorola-funded FGF project

Investigation of Cancer-promoting effects.

Contractors: University of Berlin.

This study exposed human leukemia H1-60 cells in suspension cultures to 1.8 GHz or 900 MHz pulsed (217Hz) signals. Already transformed leukemia cells exposed to RF signals showed no increase in growth speed compared to unexposed cells.

Additional Web Notes

The pulsed radio systems were obviously GSM cellphones and PCS.

I am not sure whether the abstract's specification that: "Already transformed leukemia cells" showed no increase, suggests that other cells did? Or whether this is just a clumsy translation, and no cells showed an increase.

This is research funded through the German organisation called FGF (Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk) which is itself funded by both the cellular telephone industry and the radio and television broadcasters.

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