EMF Health-effects Research

Cytogenetic damage in mobile phone users: preliminary data.

Gandhi G, Singh P.

Int J Hum Genet 5(4):259-265, 2005

Mobile telephones, sometimes called cellular (cell) phones or handies, are now an integral part of modern life. The mobile phone handsets are low-powered radiofrequency transmitters, emitting maximum powers in the range of 0.2 to 0.6 watts. Scientific concenrns have increased sufficiently over the possible hazard to health from using cell phones.

The reported adverse health effects include physiological, behavioural and cognitive changes as well as tumour formation and genetic damage. However findings are controversial and no consensus exists.

Genotoxicity has been observed either in lower organisms or in vitro studies. The aim of the present study hence was to detect any cytogenertic damage in mobile phone users by analysing short term peripheral lymphocyte cultures for chromosomal aberrations and the buccal mucosal cells for micronuclei (aneugenicity and clastogenicity).

The results revealed increased number of micronucleated buccal cells and cytological abnormalities in cultured lymphocytes indicating the genotoxic response from mobile phone use.

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