EMF Health-effects Research

Effect of millimeter waves on the early development of the mouse and sea urchin embryo

Galat VV, Mezhevikina LM, Zubin MN, Lepikhov KA, Khramov RN, Chailakhian LM,

Biofizika 44(1):137-140, 1999

[Article in Russian]

The action of nonthermal electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of the millimeter range on the early development of murine and sea urchin embryos was investigated. An MRTA-01E-03 generator with a frequency of 54-78 GHz and radiation intensity of 0.06 mWt/cm2 was used. The embryos were irradiated during 30 min at the stage of two blastomeres.

The number of murine embryos that reached the blastocyst stage increased (up to 97.3% in comparison with 87.5% in control). The total time of cultivation up to the blastocyst stage was also shorter (72 h) than in control (96 h). The irradiation had effect on the development of sea urchin embryos only if embryos with a weakened viability were tested. The results indicate that millimeter electromagnetic radiation has a stimulating effect on the early development of embryos, increasing the resistance of embryos to unfavorable environmental conditions.

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