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Effects of mobile phone radiation on UV-induced skin tumourigenesis in ornithine decarboxylase transgenic and non-transgenic mice.

Heikkinen P, Kosma VM, Alhonen L, Huuskonen H, Komulainen H, Kumlin T, Laitinen JT, Lang S, Puranen L, Juutilainen J

Int J Radiat Biol 79(4):221-233, 2003

Purpose: The effects of low-level radiofrequency radiation (RFR) on ultraviolet (UV)-induced skin tumorigenesis were evaluated in ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) and non-transgenic mice.

Materials and methods: Transgenic female mice over-expressing the human ODC gene and their non-transgenic littermates (20 animals in the cage control group, and 45-49 animals in the other groups) were exposed for 52 weeks to UV radiation or a combination of UV radiation and pulsed RFR. The UV dose was 240 Jm- 2 (1.2 x human minimum erythemal dose) delivered three times a week.

One group of animals was exposed to Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System (DAMPS)-type RFR, the other group to Global System for Mobile (GSM)-type RFR at a nominal average specific absorption rate of 0.5 W kg(-1), 1.5 h day(-1), for 5 days a week. The skin was carefully palpated weekly for macroscopic tumours. Histopathological analyses of all skin lesions and of a specified dorsal skin area were performed on all animals.

Results: UV exposure resulted in development of macroscopic skin tumours in 11.5 and 36.8% of non-transgenic and transgenic animals, respectively. The RFR exposures did not give a statistically significant effect on the development of skin tumours in either transgenic or non-transgenic animals, or in combined analysis, but tumour development appeared slightly accelerated especially in non-transgenic animals. No effects of RFR exposures were found on excretion of 6-hydroxymelatonin sulphate into urine or on polyamine levels in dorsal skin.

Conclusion: RFR exposures did not significantly enhance skin tumourigenesis. However, the slightly accelerated tumour development may warrant further evaluation.

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