EMF Health-effects Research

Changes in human EEG caused by low level modulated microwave stimulation.

Hinrikus H, Parts M, Lass J, Tuulik V.

Bioelectromagnetics. 25(6):431-440, 2004

This study focuses on the effect of low level microwave radiation on human EEG alpha and theta rhythms. During the experiment, 20 healthy volunteers were exposed to a 450 MHz microwaves with 7 Hz on-off modulation. The field power density at the scalp was 0.16 mW/cm2. Signals from the following EEG channels were used: FP1, FP2, P3, P4, T3, T4, O1, and O2.

The experimental protocol consisted of one cycle of short term photic and ten cycles of the repetitive microwave stimulation. The changes caused by photic as well as microwave stimulation were more regular on the alpha rhythm. In the majority of cases, photic stimulation caused changes in the EEG energy level in the occipital and microwave stimulation in the frontal region.

Our experimental results demonstrated that microwave stimulation effects became apparent, starting from the third stimulation cycle. Changes varied strongly from subject to subject. Therefore, photic and microwave exposure did not cause statistically significant changes in the EEG activity level for the whole group. For some subjects, clear tendencies of changes in microwave on-off cycles were noticeable.

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