EMF Health-effects Research

Effect of low frequency modulated microwave exposure on human EEG: individual sensitivity.

Hinrikus H, Bachmann M, Lass J, Karai D, Tuulik V

Bioelectromagnetics. 29(7):527-538, 2008

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of modulated microwave exposure on human EEG of individual subjects.

The experiments were carried out on four different groups of healthy volunteers. The 450 MHz microwave radiation modulated at 7 Hz (first group, 19 subjects), 14 and 21 Hz (second group, 13 subjects), 40 and 70 Hz (third group, 15 subjects), 217 and 1000 Hz (fourth group, 19 subjects) frequencies was applied.

The field power density at the scalp was 0.16 mW/cm(2). The calculated spatial peak SAR averaged over 1 g was 0.303 W/kg. Ten cycles of the exposure (1 min off and 1 min on) at fixed modulation frequencies were applied.

All subjects completed the experimental protocols with exposure and sham. The exposed and sham-exposed subjects were randomly assigned. A computer also randomly assigned the succession of modulation frequencies.

Our results showed that microwave exposure increased the EEG energy. Relative changes in the EEG beta1 power in P3-P4 channels were selected for evaluation of individual sensitivity.

The rate of subjects significantly affected is similar in all groups except for the 1000 Hz group: in first group 3 subjects (16%) at 7 Hz modulation; in second group 4 subjects (31%) at 14 Hz modulation and 3 subjects (23%) at 21 Hz modulation; in third group 3 subjects (20%) at 40 Hz and 2 subjects (13%) at 70 Hz modulation; in fourth group 3 subjects (16%) at 217 Hz and 0 subjects at 1000 Hz modulation frequency.

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