EMF Health-effects Research

Acute effects of using a mobile phone on CNS functions.

Hladky A, Musil J, Roth Z, Urban P, Blazkova V

Cent Eur J Public Health 7(4):165-167. 1999

Twenty volunteers participated in two experiments exploring the acute effects of using the mobile phone Motorola GSM 8700 on the functions of the CNS. When speaking (5 minutes reading a text from daily newspapers) the electromagnetic fields from the mobile apparatus did not affect the visual evoked potentials.

Also a 6-min exposure did not reveal any effect of electromagnetic fields on the results in two tests (memory and attention) performed while speaking into the mobile.

On the other hand the phone call itself strongly influenced the performance in a secondary task applying a test of switching attention which is a good model for driving a car. The response and decision speed were significantly worse. This is a proof that even a slight psychological stress involved in calling while driving can be a great risk.

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