EMF Health-effects Research

Genotoxicity of RF fields generated from analog, TDMA, CDMA and PCS technology, evaluated using a Three-test In Vitro battery.

Hook GJ, Phillips LA, Blackwell DM, Clancy JJ, Donner EM, Tice RR, McRee D

Presented at BEMS in Long Beach, California 1999

Motorola-funded WTR project

Contractors: Integrated Laboratory Systems, Research Triangle, North Carolina; and WTR.

This standard battery of tests explored whether RF exposure from wireless phone signals (analog, 837 MHz TDMA, 835 MHz CDMA and 1900 MHz PCS) could have genotoxic effects on bacterial or mammalian cells in culture, as assessed by three standard in vitro assays. Salmonela typhimurium/E.coli assays, mouse lymphoma reverse mutation assays and analysis of chromosomal aberrations in human blood lymphocytes were performed following exposures at 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 W/kg for 3 hours in a TEM cell.

The researchers found no evidence of mutagenicity or elastogenicity with any of the exposures or technologies tested.

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This was research funded by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association's WTR (Wireless Technology Research) group under Dr George Carlo's direction.

See Dr Carlo's letter to Motorola and the key CTIA executives after leaving WTR.

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