EMF Health-effects Research

Genotoxicity of RF fields generated from analog, TDMA, CDMA and PCS technology evaluated using a single-cell gell electrophoresis and the Cytochalasin B micronucleus (CB-MN) assay

Hook GJ, Vasquez M, Blackwell DM, Clancy JJ, Donner EM, Tice RR, McRee D

Presented at BEMS in Long Beach, California 1999

Motorola-funded WTR project

Contractors: Integrated Laboratory Systems, Research Triangle, North Carolina; and WTR.

The study explored the possible effect of wireless phone signals (analog, TDMA, CDMA and PCS) on micronuclei formation in human lymphocytes. No effects were found after three hours of exposure at SARs of 0, 1, 2.5, 5 or 10 W/kg for any of the signals tested. At 5 W/kg, increases of lesser magnitude were observed from analog and TDMA exposure. FDTD calculations indicated peak SAR values may have reached as much as 2x the average SAR values in parts of the cell pellet and repeat studies were planned to attempt to clarify the findings and determine whether sample heating was a confounding factor.

Additional Web Notes

This is part two following the Three-test study, and it clearly found evidence of DNA disruption. Micronuclei (small nucleus) formation means that the cell DNA is dividing unequally.

Motorola try to slide out of this embarrassment by suggesting the cells might have been heated. [Where is the "planned" repeat study? Where is the comet assay information?]

This is research funded by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association's WTR (Wireless Technology Research) group under Dr George Carlo's direction.

See Dr Carlo's letter to Motorola and the key CTIA executives after leaving WTR.

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