EMF Health-effects Research

Millimeter-wave effects on electric activity of crayfish stretch receptors

Khramov RN, Sosunov EA, Koltun SV, Ilyasova EN, Lednev VV,

Bioelectromagnetics 12(4):203-214, 1991

The effects of super high frequency (SHF) microwaves (34-78 GHz) on rates of spontaneous firing of the slowly adapting, stretch-receptor neurons of crayfish were studied. Initially, irradiation of continuously perfused, fluid-cooled preparations at power densities to 250 mW/cm2 caused a transient decrease in the rate of spontaneous firing (the dynamic response).

Subsequently, with extinction of the SHF field, the rate of firing increased, finally stabilizing at pre-exposure levels (stationary phase). Rates of firing also increased when the receptor muscle was stretched, and they were inversely correlated with small, field-induced increases of temperature (approximately 1.5 degrees C).

The response to SHF radiation did not depend on frequency if temperature of the medium was constant. No resonant peaks were found when the millimeter range of frequencies was scanned.

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