EMF Health-effects Research

Effects of weak mobile Phone-Electromagnetic fields (GSM, UMTS) on well-being and resting EEG.

Kleinlogel H, Dierks T, Koenig T, Lehmann H, Minder A, Berz R

Bioelectromagnetics. Apr 22 2008

[Epub ahead of print] Modern mobile phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) ranging from 900 to 2000 MHz which are suggested to have an influence on well-being, attention and neurological parameters in mobile phone users.

To date most studies have investigated Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)-EMF and only very few studies were concerned with Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)-EMF. Consequently, we tested the effects of both types of EMF, 1950 MHz UMTS (SAR 0.1 and 1 W/kg) and pulsed 900 MHz GSM (1 W/kg), on well-being and vigilance-controlled resting electroencephalogram (eyes closed) in 15 healthy, right-handed subjects. A double-blind, randomised, crossover application of the test procedure was used.

Neither the UMTS- nor the GSM-EMF produced any significant changes in the measured parameters compared to sham exposure. The results do not give any evidence for a deleterious effect of the EMF on normal healthy mobile phone users. .

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