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Effect of cisplatinum and 2450 MHz EMR on DNA damage measured by the alkaline comet assay.

LaGroye I, Wettring BA, Moros EG, Straube WL, Pickard WF, Roti-Roti JL

Presented at BEMS in Long Beach, California 1999


Contractors: Radiation Oncology Center, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri.

This study follows earlier research in the same laboratory that found no evidence of DNA damage from 2450 MHs exposure of cells exposed in vitro. It explored whether 2450 MHz exposure could induce other types of DNA-related effects on protein-DNA crosslinks (PDCs) and/or DNA/DNA crosslinks (DDCs).

The researchers found no measurable effects of RF exposure on PDCs or DDCs in the exposed vs. unexposed cells

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