EMF Health-effects Research

Acute low-level microwave exposure and central cholinergic activity: studies on irradiation parameters.

Lai H, Horita A, Guy AW

Bioelectromagnetics. 1988. 9(4). P 355-62. 1988

Sodium-dependent high-affinity choline uptake was measured in the striatum, frontal cortex, hippocampus, and hypothalamus of rats after acute exposure (45 min) to pulsed (2 microseconds, 500 pps) or continuous-wave 2,450-MHz microwaves in cylindrical waveguides (Guy et al.: Radio Science 14:63-74, 1979) or miniature anechoic chambers (Guy: Journal of Microwave Power 14:327-338, 1979).

In all exposure conditions, the average whole-body specific absorption rate was at 0.6 W/kg. Decrease in choline uptake was observed in the frontal cortex after microwave exposure in all of the above irradiation conditions. Regardless of the exposure system used, hippocampal choline uptake was decreased after exposure to pulsed but not continuous-wave microwaves. Striatal choline uptake was decreased after exposure to either pulsed or continuous-wave microwaves in the miniature anechoic chamber. No significant change in hypothalamic choline uptake was observed under any of the exposure conditions studied. We conclude that depending on the parameters of the radiation, microwaves can elicit specific and generalized biological effects.

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