EMF Health-effects Research

Cellular phone electromagnetic field effects on bioelectric activity of human brain.

Lebedeva NN, Sulimov AV, Sulimova OP, Kotrovskaya TI, Gailus T,

Crit Rev Biomed Eng 28(1-2):323-37, 2000

Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiogy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Twenty four volunteers participated in the experiments. The investigation of EEG reactions to cellular phone (EMF frequency 902.4 MHz and intensity 0.06 mW/cm2) was conducted.

Two experiments were performed with each subject--cellular phone exposure and Placebo Duration of the experiment was 60 min: 15 min--background; 15 min--EMF exposure or Placebo; 30 min--afterexposure.

EEG was recorded in 16 standard leads with "eyes open" and "eyes closed" . Special software with non-linear dynamics was developed for EEG analyses. One parameter, multichannel (global) correlation dimension, was calculated. The changes of these parameters can be evidence of brain functional state changes.

As a result of EEG record processing, a significant increase of global correlation dimension during the exposure and afterexposure period was discovered, more pronounced in the case of "eyes closed". That can be viewed as the manifestation of cortex activation under phone EMF exposure.

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