EMF Health-effects Research

Environmental-health aspects of pulse-modulated microwaves

Neshev NN, Kirilova EI

Rev Environ Health 11(1-2):85-88, 1996

Our theoretical model describes the potential influence of irradiation with pulse-modulated microwaves on the conformational oscillations of enzymes in living organisms.

Certain values of pulse-repetition time, determined by the period of conformational oscillations of the corresponding type of enzyme, can produce the effect at extremely low power levels.

Synchronized oscillations in identical enzyme molecules produce in turn large-scale oscillations within living cells. Thus, short periods of exposure to pulse-modulated microwaves could be beneficial to cellular function, whereas maintaining the amplitude of such oscillations at a maximum for long periods may have a stressful effect on biochemical processes.

The model discloses the possible environmental-health risks of long-term exposure in ambient fields that are created by radar, navigation, and communication systems.

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