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Effect of centimeter microwaves and the combined magnetic field on the tumor necrosis factor production in cells of mice with experimental tumors

Novoselova EG, Ogai VB, Sorokina OV, Novikov VV, Fesenko EE.,

Biofizika 46(1):131-135, 2001

[Article in Russian]

The effect of fractionated exposure to low-intensity microwaves (8.15-18 GHz, 1 microW/cm2, 1.5 h daily for 7 days) and combined weak magnetic field (constant 65 1 microT; alternating--100 nT, 3-10 Hz) on the production of tumor necrosis factor in macrophages of mice with experimental solid tumors produced by transplantation of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma was studied.

It was found that exposure of mice to both microwaves and magnetic field enhanced the adaptive response of the organism to the onset of tumor growth: the production of tumor necrosis factor in peritoneal macrophages of tumor-bearing mice was higher than in unexposed mice.

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