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Tight junctional changes upon microwave and x-ray irradiation.

Palfia Z, Somosy Z, Rez G.

Acta Biol Hung 52(4):411-416, 2001

Tight junctions (zonulae occludentes, ZO) are cellularly regulated dynamic structures sensitive to environmental stress agents including ionizing radiation. Radiation induced pathological alterations of the small intestine (gastrointestinal radiation syndrome) are related to altered ZO-mediated paracellular transport.

We carried out a quantitative morphological evaluation of the murine jejunal epithelial tight junctional structure in freeze fracture replicas as changed upon whole body X-ray irradiation and low energy microwave exposition. X-ray treatment (4 Gy, 1, 24 h) brought about a partial dearrangement of the ZO strand network which regenerated only partially by 24 h.

This observation is in line with data on paracellular permeability increases and ZO-bound calcium drop caused by X-ray irradiation. On the other hand, microwave treatment (16 Hz-modulated 2.45 GHz wave, 1 mW/cm2 power density, I h exposition, samples at I and 3 h after exposition) did not cause dearrangement but, rather an increase in the integration of tight junctional structure, which is in agreement with an increase in cytochemically detectable ZO-bound calcium

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