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Changes in the dielectric properties of rat tissue as a function of age at microwave frequencies

Peyman A, Rezazadeh AA, Gabriel C

Phys Med Biol 46(6):1617-1629, 2001

The dielectric properties of ten rat tissues at six different ages were measured at 37 degrees C in the frequency range of 130 MHz to 10 GHz using an open-ended coaxial probe and a computer controlled network analyser.

The results show a general decrease of the dielectric properties with age. The trend is more apparent for brain, skull and skin tissues and less noticeable for abdominal tissues. The variation in the dielectric properties with age is due to the changes in the water content and the organic composition of tissues.

The percentage decrease in the dielectric properties of certain tissues in the 30 to 70 day old rats at cellular phone frequencies have been tabulated. These data provide an important input in the provision of rigorous dosimetry in lifetime-exposure animal experiments. The results provide some insight into possible differences in the assessment of exposure for children and adults.

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