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DNA damage in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells exposed to cellular telephone RFs In Vitro.

Phillips JL, Ivaschuk O, Oshida-Jones T, Jones RA, Campbell-Beacler M, Haggren W

Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 45:103-110 1998


Contractor: JL Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, Calif.

This study explored possible DNA damage (single-strand breaks) in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells exposed to pulsed 813.5625 MHz (iDEN) or 836.35 MHz (TDMA) cellular telephone signals.

Tail moment and comet extent were measured as indicators of DNA damage. Increases as well as decreases in DNA damage were reported, depending on exposure duration and signal type.

The researchers concluded that further studies were warranted to distinguish possible direct RF effects on DNA damage from effects on DNA repair.

Additional Web Notes

The full report is now available in the research section of this site.

This is another abstract which has been honed by Motorola flaks to put the best possible light on the findings. Of course "further studies were warranted", but whether for DNA damage or failure in DNA repair is almost beside the point -- both are equally dangerous.

In fact this finding of DNA damage using the comet assay test, although in cell cultures, matches well (some would say "confirms") the independent Lai-Singh findings of single-strand breaks in the brains of live rats. See

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