EMF Health-effects Research

Fetal and neonatal responses following maternal exposure to mobile phones.

Rezk AY, Abdulqawi K, Mustafa RM, Abo El-Azm TM, Al-Inany H

Saudi Med J. 29(2):218-223, 2008

OBJECTIVE: To study fetal and neonatal heart rate (HR) and cardiac output (COP), following acute maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by mobile phones.

METHODS: The present study was carried out at Benha University Hospital and El-Shorouq Hospital, Cairo, Egypt, from October 2003 to March 2004. Ninety women with uncomplicated pregnancies aged 18-33 years, and 30 full term healthy newborn infants were included.

The pregnant mothers were exposed to EMF emitted by mobile telephones while on telephone-dialing mode for 10 minutes during pregnancy and after birth. The main outcome were measurements of fetal and neonatal HR and COP.

RESULTS: A statistical significant increase in fetal and neonatal HR, and statistical significant decrease in stroke volume and COP before and after use of mobile phone were noted. All these changes are attenuated with increase in gestational age.

CONCLUSION: Exposure of pregnant women to mobile phone significantly increase fetal and neonatal HR, and significantly decreased the COP.

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