EMF Health-effects Research

No short-term effects of digital mobile radio telephone on the awake human electroencephalogram.

Roschke J, Mann K

Bioelectromagnetics 18(2):172-176, 1997

A recent study reported the results of an exploratory study of alterations of the quantitative sleep profile due to the effects of a digital mobile radio telephone. Rapid eye movement (REM) was suppressed, and the spectral power density in the 8-13 Hz frequency range during REM sleep was altered.

The aim of the present study was to illuminate the influence of digital mobile radio telephone on the awake electroencephalogram (EEG) of healthy subjects. For this purpose, we investigated 34 male subjects in a single-blind cross-over design experiment by measuring spontaneous EEGs under closed-eyes condition from scalp positions C3 and C4 and comparing the effects of an active (0.05 mW/cm2) and an inactive digital mobile radio telephone (GSM) system.

During exposure of nearly 3.5 min to the 900 MHz electromagnetic field pulsed at a frequency of 217 Hz and with a pulse width of 580 microseconds, we could not detect any difference in the awake EEGs in terms of spectral power density measures.

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