EMF Health-effects Research

Effects of microwaves on membranes of hematopoietic cells in their structural and functional organization

Rotkovska D, Bartonickova A, Kautska J,

Bioelectromagnetics 14(1):79-85, 1993

The role of cell membranes in stimulating and inhibiting the effects of microwaves was investigated in experiments carried out with a suspension of murine bone marrow cells irradiated with microwaves in vitro [f = 2.45 GHz, CW, specific absorption rate (SAR) = 12 W/kg].

Results obtained by means of a structural probe, 2.4-TNS, indicate that no structural changes occur in the region of the protein-lipid interphase under conditions of short-term irradiation with microwaves that induced temperatures in the range 36-45 degrees C (exposure time 315 and 525 s, respectively).

Investigation of one functional parameter--the ability to produce hematopoietic colonies in the spleen after transplantation of the bone marrow irradiated in vitro by microwaves--indicated the possibility of affecting stimulatory and inhibitory effects of microwaves by using a blocker of cell receptors, Trimepranol.

The role of microwaves as a physical factor interfering in the process of cell proliferation at the level of receptor regulation is discussed.

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