EMF Health-effects Research

Ets1 oncogene induction by ELF-modulated 50 MHz RF electromagnetic field.

Romano-Spica V, Mucci N, Ursini CL, Ianni A, Bhat NK

Bioelectromagnetics 21(1):8-18, 2000

We have analyzed gene expression in hemopoietic and testicular cell types after their exposure to 50 MHz radiofrequency (RF) non-ionizing radiation modulated (80%) with a 16 Hz frequency. The exposure system generates a 0.2 microT magnetic field parallel to the ground and a 60 V/m electric field orthogonal to the earth's magnetic field. Exposure conditions were selected so as to interfere with the calcium ion flow.

Under these electromagnetic field (EMF) conditions, we observed an overexpression of the ets1 mRNA in Jurkat T-lymphoblastoid and Leydig TM3 cell lines. This effect was observed only in the presence of the 16 Hz modulation, corresponding to the resonance frequency for calcium ion with a DC magnetic field of 45.7 microT.

We have also identified a putative candidate gene repressed after EMF exposure. The experimental model described in this paper may contribute to the understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in EMF effects.

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