EMF Health-effects Research

Character of the effect of microwave on conduction velocity of frog ventricular muscle.

Yee KC, Chou CK, Guy AW,

Bioelectromagnetics 15(6):555-561, 1994

Thirty-two frog hearts were divided into four groups and placed individually in temperature-controlled waveguides filled with Ringer's solution. The pacemaker was removed, and stimulation was provided at 0.3 Hz by three carbon-loaded Teflon electrodes located on the aorta and the ventricular muscle. Conduction velocity was measured from the difference between two action potentials.

One group served as control; the three other groups were exposed for 2 h to pulsed 2,450 MHz microwave fields (10 microseconds, 0.001 duty cycle, 16 Hz modulation) at specific absorption rates (SARs) of 0.003, 2, and 6 W/kg, respectively.

No significant difference in conduction velocity was found between the control and the exposed groups.

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