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Lack of Genotoxic Effects (Micronucleus Induction) in Human Lymphocytes Exposed In Vitro to 900 MHz Electromagnetic Fields.

Zeni O, Schiavoni AS, Sannino A, Antolini A, Forigo D, Bersani F, Scarfi MR

Radiat. Res. 160, 152-158, 2003

In the present study, we investigated the induction of genotoxic effects in human peripheral blood lymphocytes after exposure to electromagnetic fields used in mobile communication systems (frequency 900 MHz).

For this purpose, the incidence of micronuclei was evaluated by applying the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay. Cytotoxicity was also investigated using the cytokinesis-block proliferation index. The experiments were performed on peripheral blood from 20 healthy donors, and several conditions were tested by varying the duration of exposure, the specific absorption rate (SAR), and the signal [continuous-wave (CW) or GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) modulated signal].

The following exposures were carried out: (1) CW intermittent exposure (SAR = 1.6 W/kg) for 6 min followed by a 3-h pause (14 on/off cycles); (2) GSM signal, intermittent exposure as described in (1); (3) GSM signal, intermittent exposure as described in (1) 24 h before stimulation with phytohemagglutinin (8 on/off cycles); (4) GSM signal, intermittent exposure (SAR = 0.2 W/kg) 1 h per day for 3 days. The SARs were estimated numerically.

No statistically significant differences were detected in any case in terms of either micronucleus frequency or cell cycle kinetics.

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