EMF Health-effects Research

The effects of radiofrequency (< 30 MHz) radiation in humans

Zhao Z, Zhang S, Zho H, Zhang S, Su J, Li L,

Rev Environ Health 10(3-4):213-215, 1994

121 workers who were exposed to RFR (< 30 MHz) over one year were examined. They were divided into two groups: one group was exposed to high electric field intensity (> or = 100 V/m), another to low intensity (< 100 V/m) and both groups were compared to control subjects.

No significant changes in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and blood parameters (Hb, WBC and blood platelets) occurred in the exposed subjects of either group.

Some changes in ECG (ST-T interval and abnormal heart rate) were observed in the group exposed to high intensity (> or = 100 V/m) radiation. 100 V/m is suggested as an exposure limit for RF (< 30 MHz) radiation.

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