EMF Health-effects Research

Electroencephalographic, personality, and executive function measures associated with frequent mobile phone use

Arns M, Van Luijtelaar G, Sumich A, Hamilton R, Gordon E

Int J Neurosci. 117(9):1341-1360, 2007

The present study employs standardized data acquired from the Brain Resource International Database to study the relationship between mobile phone usage, personality, and brain function (n = 300).

Based on the frequency and duration of mobile phone usage, three groups were formed.

The findings suggest a subtle slowing of brain activity related to mobile phone use that is not explained by differences in personality. These changes are still within normal physiological ranges.

Better executive function in mobile phone users may reflect more focused attention, possibly associated with a cognitive training effect (i.e., frequently making phone calls in distracting places), rather than a direct effect of mobile phone use on cognition.

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