EMF Health-effects Research

Non-thermal Exposure to RFE from Digital Wireless Phones does not Affect ODC Activity in L929

Desta AB, Owen RD, Cress LW

Cells. Radiat Res 160:488491, 2003

L929 murine fibroblast cells were exposed to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from a time division multiple access wireless phone operating at 835 MHz frequency to determine the effect of RF-radiation energy emitted by wireless phones on ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity in cultured cells.

Exposure was for 8 h to an average specific absorption rate (SAR) from <1 W/kg up to 15 W/kg. After exposure, cells were harvested and ODC activity was measured.

No statistically significant difference in ODC activity was found between RF-radiation-exposed and sham-exposed cells at non-thermal specific absorption rates. At SARs which resulted in measurable heating of the medium, a dose-dependent decrease in enzymatic activity was observed and was shown to be consistent with a comparable decrease caused by non-RF-radiation heating.

Thus we observed only the well-known enzyme inhibition due to heating, rather than the previously reported enhancement attributed to RF-radiation exposure.

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