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Non-thermal heat-shock response to microwaves,

de Pomerai D, Daniells C, David H, Allan J, Duce I, Mutwakil M, Thomas D, Sewell P, Tattersall J, Jones D, Candido P

Nature May 25, 2000

Nematode worms (C. elegans) exposed overnight to 750-MHz microwaves at a SAR of 0.001 W/kg showed an increased in heat shock proteins (HSPs). (Heat shock proteins are induced in most organisms by adverse conditions (such as heat or toxins) that cause damage to cellular proteins, acting as molecular chaperones to rescue damaged proteins).

The authors give several arguments that the microwave-induced effect on HSPs is non-thermal and suggest that 'current exposure limits for microwave equipment may need to be reconsidered.'

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