EMF Health-effects Research

Perturbations of plant leaflet rhythms caused by electromagnetic radio-frequency radiation.

Ellingsrud S, Johnsson A

Bioelectromagnetics 14(3):257-271, 1993

The minute-range up and down rhythms of the lateral leaflets of Desmodium gyrans has been studied when exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the radio-frequency (RF) range. The RF radiation was applied as homogeneous 27.12 MHz fields in specially-designed exposure cells(and in some cases as non-homogeneous radiation of 27 MHz, amplitude modulated by 50 Hz, in front of commercial diathermy equipment). All fields were applied as pulses.

We report effects in the leaflet rhythms such as temporary changes in the amplitude, period, and phase. The radiation could also cause temporary or complete cessations of the rhythms. The lowest dose (8 W/cm2) used was still effective.

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