EMF Health-effects Research

Micronucleus assay and lymphocyte mitotic activity in risk assessment of occupational exposure to microwave radiation

Garaj-Vrhovac V,

Chemosphere;39(13):2301-2312, 1999

The effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RFR) on the cell kinetics and genome damages in peripheral blood lymphocytes were determined in lymphocytes of 12 subjects occupationally exposed to microwave radiation.

Results showed an increase in frequency of micronuclei (MN) as well as disturbances in the distribution of cells over the first, second and third mitotic division in exposed subjects compared to controls.

According to previous reports micronucleus assay can serve as a suitable indicator for the assessment of exposure to genotoxic agents (such as RFR) and the analysis of mitotic activity as an additional parameter for the efficient biomonitoring.

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