EMF Health-effects Research

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of cellular phones and pacemakers

Geller L, Thuroczy G, Merkely B

Orv Hetil 142(36):1963-1970, 2001

[Article in Hungarian]

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of cellular phones and pacemakers (PM) was examined in four different cellular phone system (NMT, GSM, RLL, DCS 1800 MHz) and in fifteen different PM type in-vitro and in-vivo in humans.

After more than 1100 in-vitro and 130 in-vivo tests we concluded, that the electromagnetic immunity of the PMs which are implanted in Hungary is suitable with only few exceptions. The highest rate of EMC problems was observed with NMT 450 MHz cellular phones (10.5%-63%). There was no EMC disturbance observed with GSM and DCS 1800 MHz cellular phones.

There was only one case when clinically significant symptom was noticed with only one PM type and with NMT system cellular phone when the distance of cellular phone was 3-4 cms, and the power was maximal. There was not any EMC disturbance observed with none of the cellular phone systems during normal talking and when the distance of the PM and cellular phone was more than 20 cms.

Our study supports guidelines which suggest that PM patients should contact their physicians when using cellular phones and cellular phones and PMs should not get closer than 20 cms.

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