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Total bioelectric activity of various structures of the brain in low-intensity microwave irradiation

Grigor'ev IuG, Luk'ianova SN, Makarov VP, Rynskov VV

Radiats Biol Radioecol 35(1):57-65, 1995

[Article in Russian]

In experiments with thirty rabbits the influence of thirty-minute microwave irradiation (1.5 GHz, pulse intensity 0.3 mW/cm2; pulsed modes: 0.12 Hz, 16 ms or 1000 Hz, 0.4 ms; pack-pulsed mode: pulse frequency 1000 Hz, pack frequency 0.12 Hz) on the total bioelectrical activity of brain structures was studied.

The reliable effect was detected only in hippocamp. The total bioelectrical activity of cortex, caudate nucleus, hypothalamus, amygdala and septum was not changed reliably in animal group studied. The reaction of hippocamp was displayed as amplification of theta-range in spectrum within of normal functioning.

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