EMF Health-effects Research

Angiosarcoma of the scalp and use of a cordless (portable) telephone.

Hardell L, Reizenstein J, Johansson B, Gertzen H, Mild KH

Epidemiology 10(6):785-786, 1999

This is a case study of a 57-year old woman who was diagnosed in January 1999 with an angiosarcoma of the scalp on the left side of her head (2 cm above her ear). Angiosarcoma is a rare type of soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Since 1988, the patient had, on a regular basis (1 hr per day), used a cordless (portable) phone, always using her left ear.

Starting in 1994, she also used a GSM (digital) mobile phone on her left ear (a few minutes per week). The exposure to microwaves from a cordless phone in this patient is of interest because she had exposure on a daily basis starting 10 years before the first clinical signs of her angiosarcoma. Moreover, the tumor developed in the anatomical area with the highest exposure to microwaves on the same side of the head that she had used the phone. She also reported no exposure to other know risk factors for STS. Known risk factors for STS include external radiation, some pesticides, and vinyl chloride.

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