EMF Health-effects Research

Effects of mobile phone emissions on human brain activity and sleep variables.

Hamblin DL, Wood AW

Int J Radiat Biol 78(8):659-669, 2002

PURPOSE: To compare the findings of the main studies that have examined the effects of GSM mobile phone radiofrequency emissions on human brain activity and sleep variables.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fourteen published studies reporting on human brain electrical activity measurements during and/or after such radiofrequency emissions were identified and compared.

CONCLUSIONS: Although, in general, outcomes have been inconsistent and comparison between individual studies is difficult, enhanced electroencephalogram alpha-band power has been noted in several of the studies, a phenomenon also observed in some animal studies. Performance decrements observed in some recent extremely low frequency studies are consistent with enhanced alpha-band power, highlighting the possible role of extremely low frequency fields associated with battery current in mobile phone handsets.

However, more complex cognitive tasks appear to show improved performance in relation to mobile phone exposure. Significant cognitive effects have been reported using both modulated and unmodulated radiofrequency carriers.

The possibility of putative effects being due to extremely low frequency demodulation is therefore unlikely. There are no obvious associations between the site of exposure and regions of the brain from which effects are reported or implied. Lastly, radiofrequency effects have been reported to occur both during exposure and up to 1 h or so after cessation of exposure.

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