EMF Health-effects Research

Electromagnetic field emitted by 902 MHz mobile phones shows no effects on children's cognitive function

Haarala C, Bergman M, Laine M, Revonsuo A, Koivisto M, Hamalainen H

Bioelectromagnetics. Jul 29; 2005

[Epub ahead of print]

The present study investigated the potential effects of a standard 902 MHz global system for mobile communication (GSM) mobile phone on 10-14 years old children's cognitive function.

A total of 32 children (16 boys, 16 girls) participated with their own and parental consent. The subjects were 10-14 years old (mean 12.1 years, SD 1.1). They performed a battery of cognitive tests twice in a counter-balanced order: once while exposed to an active mobile phone and once during exposure to an inactive phone. The tests were selected from those we used earlier with adults.

The statistical analyses showed no significant differences between the mobile phone off and on conditions in reaction times and accuracy over all tests or in any single test.

It was concluded that a standard mobile phone has no effect on children's cognitive function as measured by response speed and accuracy. The present results challenge some earlier findings suggesting that the electromagnetic field (EMF) created by an active mobile phone would facilitate cognitive functioning.

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