EMF Health-effects Research

Neurological abnormalities associated with CDMA exposure.

Hocking B, Westerman R

Occup Med (Lond) 51(6):410-413, 2001

Dysaesthesiae of the scalp and neurological abnormality after mobile phone use have been reported previously, but the roles of the phone per se or the radiations in causing these findings have been questioned. We report finding a neurological abnormality in a patient after accidental exposure of the left side of the face to mobile phone radiation [code division multiple access (CDMA)] from a down-powered mobile phone base station antenna.

He had headaches, unilateral left blurred vision and pupil constriction, unilateral altered sensation on the forehead, and abnormalities of current perception thresholds on testing the left trigeminal ophthalmic nerve.

His nerve function recovered during 6 months follow-up. His exposure was 0.015-0.06 mW/cm2 over 1-2 h. The implications regarding health effects of radiofrequency radiation are discussed.

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