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Exposure of nerve growth factor-treated PC12 rat pheochromocytoma cells to a modulated radiofrequency field at 836.55 MHz: effects on c-jun and c-fos expression.

Ivaschuk OI, Jones RA, Ishida-Jones T, Haggren W, Adey WR, Phillips JL,

Bioelectromagnetics 18(3):223-229, 1997

Rat PC12 pheochromocytoma cells have been treated with nerve growth factor And then exposed to athermal levels of a packet-modulated radiofrequency field At 836.55 MHz. This signal was produced by a prototype time-domain multiple-access (TDMA) transmitter that conforms to the North American digital cellular telephone standard.

Three slot average power densities were used: 0.09, 0.9, and 9 mW/cm2. Exposures were for 20, 40, and 60 min and included an intermittent exposure regimen (20 min on/20 min off), resulting in total incubation times of 20, 60, and 100 min, respectively. Concurrent controls were sham exposed.

After extracting total cellular RNA, Northern blot analysis was used to assess the expression of the immediate early genes, c-fos and c-jun, in all cell populations.

No change in c-fos transcript levels were detected after 20 min exposure at each field intensity (20 min was the only time period at which c-fos message could be detected consistently). Transcript levels for c-jun were altered only after 20 min exposure to 9 mW/cm2 (average 38% decrease).

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