EMF Health-effects Research

Ethanol-induced hypothermia and ethanol consumption in the rat are affected by low-level microwave irradiation.

Lai H, Horita A, Chou CK, Guy AW

Bioelectromagnetics. 1984. 5(2). P 213-20. 1984

Microwave irradiation of rats by circularly polarized, 2,450- MHz, pulsed waves (2-microseconds pulses; 500 pps) was performed in waveguides to determine effects on ethanol-induced hypothermia and on ethanol consumption.

Rats injected intraperitoneally with ethanol (3 g/kg in a 25% v/v water solution) immediately after 45 min of microwave irradiation exhibited attenuation of the initial rate of fall in body temperature, which was elicited by the ethanol, but exhibited no significant difference in maximal hypothermia as compared with that of sham-irradiated rats.

Microwave irradiation did not affect the consumption of a 10% sucrose (w/v) solution by water-deprived rats. However, it enhanced the consumption of a solution of 10% sucrose (w/v) + 15% ethanol (v/v) by water- deprived animals.

These results were obtained at a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 0.6 W/kg, which rate of energy dosing would require a power density of 3-6 mW/cm2 if exposure of the animals had occurred to a 12-cm plane wave.

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